by Karenia Brevis

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Daughter 05:05
Blackened waters Poseidon's daughter's Holy harbor In the rushes now Called her gently Urgent, simply She went limp Sweat streaked across her brow Burning light Flashing back from the mirror sea Unclean waters Poseidon's daughter's Body labors Overburdened bough Smoking pitch Curls the night Clouds the morning star Red faced and laughing Vast jaws dripping With perfume and wax To soothe and to seal And stop the gulping Down of cruel surreal Murky waters Poseidon's daughter Cannot conceal Blood in water, Holy water
Lamia 04:48
It would not try to It would not try to consume Ghostly shell sedate but trying Overwhelmed itself, it's late it's dying Dreadful poison As above, then so below We were lied to Lustful it hungers Vacant it wants for everything I can see it rise Stoic in the wind, a petty baron Forget kindness A monster made from salt and shade Hidden in the wires it comes unbidden, hate-filled, insensate Cloaked in vapors now It reunites with us It stretches out its arms Opens wide its mouth Lamia, open wide
The clouds turned themselves inside out Twisted perspective Forced reckoning The world folded in on itself again Ouroboros Tell us your secrets We'll trade for our sins All there is to give Taken from the flesh Now drown Ouroboros What serves for an annulment Of mistaken confidence in a material plane that's severed once again? Ouroboros Tell us your secrets We'll trade for our sins all there is to give Taken from the flesh Now drown Ouroboros (swallow)
She's an army She's a red cross A picture postcard Little mayfly fluttering
Simple, subtle, secret sign To mend and bind She secrets fine weapons in her eyes A nameless crime A toneless whine Aspiration of a life The cloying kind A velvet lined old passage so inclined a wine-dark sea I can't relax Inured to suffering An old, dead oak tree Blackened bones, rotting teeth A meager meal, grimacing I can't relax (when I hold it, it holds itself, cold and formless, told to tell (when I hold it close I hold it well))
A cynocephalic utterance A little whisper come to bear The ghost of a former delusion The cadence of decadence A pelagic shift Finds refuge in audacity The jester's sleight of hand Traded for a bit of oblivion The anatomy of melancholy Lies flayed bare Sacred swimmers Caught and carried Destroy haven, hearth and home When I am grown gigantic We shall truly be alone
"I will pluck the yarrow fair That more benign will be my face, That more warm shall be my lips, That more chaste shall be my speech, Be my speech the beams of the sun, Be my lips the sap of the strawberry. May I be an isle in the sea, May I be a hill on the shore, May I be a star in the waning of the moon, May I be a staff to the weak. Wound can I every man, Wound can no man me.” (birdsong)


Directly inspired by working with MJ Guider and Emma Ruth Rundle, and from years of appreciation for artists such as Chelsea Wolfe, Grouper, Emily Haines, and Broadcast, Yarrow is a celebration of the feminine divine and the earthly cursed. It is a funeral dirge and a hymn for addiction and healing and an incantation cast into the world to do what it will. On the whole it is a spiritual, seeking work; seeking to find meaning in the desolation and loneliness of alcoholism, transition, and grief.

"wherever yarrow grows, one need not fear wild beasts or poisonous plants"


released April 2, 2021

Recorded and mixed variously by Alex Molini, Andy T. Gibbs, and Tim Stafford between April and July of 2020, during a global and personal apocalypse.

Mastered by Alex Molini

Cover art by Melissa Guion


all rights reserved



Karenia Brevis New Orleans, Louisiana

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